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How does a DSLR Camera Works

How does a DSLR Camera Works?
How does DSLR cemera work?

The camera has 2 parts.
1)Body of the camera.
2)Lense of the camera.
These 2 parts place an important role in the photography.
What is DSLR camera?
DSLR camera is nothing but the camera which
A mirror in the body of the camera

How does dslr works?

We take the example of the above picture
Let us take
3) Sensor
5) Camera position
6)sensor light
7)Reflection mirror
8) Pentagonal mirror
9)View finder

Now we focus the subject with the help of lense which is fixed to the body of the camera. The light rays directly fall on the shutter and then the shutter will reflect the image in the pentagonal mirror.
Then it again reflect on the view finder which we can see it. Then the shutter lifts up and the light rays fall on the sensor then the image will be display on the display screen in the camera.

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