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These 5 Tips Will Help In Increasing Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

These 5 Tips Will Help In Increasing Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

Nowadays the latest Android smartphones are coming up with new features and great hardware. At the same time, the battery has not seen much improved, that is why good smartphones can not even back up more than a day. In such a case, if you are traveling long or have gone to a place where there is no charging option then it becomes a big problem.

Power Bank is an option, but after a while it has to be charged too. The big part of your Android smartphone's battery is decreasing due to the application and processes that you are not using. So lets see some of the tips to improve your battery life.

1- Get help from an app

There are several such apps on the Play Store that claim to save battery and many of them are also effective. AccuBattery and Greenify are similar apps.AccuBattery, it understands your battery usage & gives you the necessary notifications, while optimizing, it shows how long the smartphone can be used according to the battery.The Greenify app hibernates the rest of the apps & saves the battery. You can add non-essential apps in your own Greenify.

2- Off or Uninstall Exclusive Apps

The most important and the best way is to uninstall those apps that you do not use or get bored after using your smartphone's app drawer. The less apps in the phone, the less battery will be spent.In addition, you can go to the battery in settings and see which app uses the most battery. You can hibernate such apps or delete them as needed.

3- Dose mode

In Android 6.0 and above operating systems, a special mode has been given, which is to decide whether the application should not run in background if you do not use your smartphone. This dose mode closes the application and process after a set time, which does not cost the battery.However, you do not want all apps to stop working because you will not get notifications or messages. For this you need to select battery optimization by going to app and notifications in settings and special app access here.Here you will see which apps are not optimized in dose mode. You can put an app in list or remove it as per your requirement.

4- Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness

Two smart battery saving features are adaptive battery & adaptive brightness are also available, which help with AI to understand how much you use your apps and screens.These features adjusts app and screen brightness accordingly. This way the battery is spent only on the need.Both of these can be enabled in the settings by going to battery and display.

5- Battery saver

Many smartphones have separate battery savers. Its job is to keep the phone on for more and more time even after remaining low battery. Because of this, after turning on the battery perspective, it closes many services like GPS.You can decide the battery saver mode of the device will be 'ON' for the remaining battery life. For this, you have to go to the battery in settings and battery saver there.

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