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Speed up your smartphone with this 10 cool tips -HindiHelpTips

Speed up your smartphone with this 10 cool tips

We all noticed sometimes that our Android device is quite a bit slower than when you first got it there can be numerous reasons for this, so today we will show you various ways to speed up the performance of your Android phone or tablet.

Speed up your smartphone with this 10 cool tips -HindiHelpTips

1. Update your device

First, make sure that your device is up to date newer versions of Android will sometimes include patches or bug fixes that can speed up your smartphone. This should happen automatically but if it doesn’t on your phone you can check for updates by going to settings - system update- check for updates. If there is no update available it will tell you that your system is up to date.

2. Clean up the home screen

It is a good idea to clean up the home screen using live wallpapers and widgets use system resources that you might want to free up so go and find these widgets that you don’t need and remove them by long pressing and dragging up to remove.

3. Free Up RAM

Being able to quickly switch between open apps is convenient even though the impact on system memory is minimal they are worth clearing out if your phone is sluggish to close any apps you are not using a tap on the overview button on the lower right then just swipe away any apps that you want to exit. To close all you may have the option near the top right for clear all.

4. Turn off Bluetooth

When you are not using your Bluetooth it is advisable to turn it off by pulling down your notification tray if Bluetooth is on tap on the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.

5. Free up space

Android just like any operating system needs space to run smoothly if you are running low on space your phone will start to slow down we have a general rule with all operating system to leave at least 10 percent free one easy way to free up space is to go to apps and notifications and go through all of your applications and uninstall the ones that you are no longer using.

6. Battery

There may be apps hugging up your CPU cycles and quickly draining your battery, so let’s jump into the battery scroll down to the section app usage since full charge and if you notice an app using a higher percentage than you think it should be using tap into it and select for the stop.

7. Do not use

You might be tempted to use a battery optimizer don’t even bother because most of these are absolute garbage that doesn’t work as intended plus you might have to deal with annoying ads and malware the same goes for the task killers which actually slow your device down.

8. Cache Data

Cache data which is information your app store to make them boot more quickly should make your phone quicker but can have the opposite effect with apps where the cache becomes bloated to remove the cache data individually from apps tap on storage you will see several category listed browsers like chrome along with undefined applications will appear in other apps, simply you go to apps and tap clear cache as simple as that.

9. Use lightweight Apps

If you are using a phone with limited memory and storage you should consider using lightweight versions of popular apps that use fewer resources with most of the same features there are currently lightweight versions for Skype, facebook facebook’s messenger and many more.

10. Force GPU rendering

You will Force GPU rendering in your mobile settings under developer options turning this one on will force your device to use the graphical processing unit instead of software for the rendering of 2D drawings you may get faster speeds but this can also reduce your battery life.

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