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Side Effects of Active Phone Use On Kids

Side Effects of Active Phone Use On Kids

  Earlier kids used to play at playgrounds but now they prefer playing on the mobile phone.
 Mobile phones have a lot of game installed which is made to play in free time for entertainment but today, kids are playing games on phones all day long.

This habit of being at phone all the time have lot of disadvantages over advantages.
Although in this digital world, it is needed to know to operate phones and computers at the youngest age and to get familiar with these.
 But kids today are using it more with keeping an eye on phone maximum time.
 These activities of the kids with phones producing side effects on their health.

Few are given below: 

>> Today, 3 to 4 years old kids get to know everything about mobile and once they played a game, they start playing it regularly.

 >>Gradually, it comes into their habit and they play different games and instead of involving into other activities they prefer being on phones for games.

 >>After coming from school they first look for phone instead of toys and father or mother. Phone has become a toy for them.

>> Instead of walking out and playing games with friends, making friends, they play games on phones and be alone.

>>This activity is somehow restricting their mental growth as playing games and watching videos on YouTube all time or maximum time can harm their mind and restrict the growth.

 >>This habit is so more in some kids that instead of communicating with father, mother and people around them they like to be on phone.

>>it may also affect their Physical health if they spend time on phone instead of having physical activity in this age of growth.

 > >Keepingan eye on phone for maximum time harm the eyes. Hence, resulting as lowering eye power and facing issues with eyes at this youngest age.

Apart from the given above there are more side effects of having a habit of playing game over time on phone.

Although, giving time to phone, playing games in it and using it is necessary for development of kids in this century but these things must be used in such a way that it grows their mind and health not h arm it.

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