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PUBG Mobile brings good news for flagship device owners

PUBG Mobile brings good news for flagship device owners 

PUBG Mobile brings good news for flagship device owners
              PUBG Mobile has crossed 100 million active users per month. While game developers continue to work to improve the game by introducing new content and features, they lag in certain areas.

 The biggest drawback that some players have is the lack of support for a higher refresh rate.

 With the introduction of smartphones such as OnePlus 7 Pro, ROG Phone II, Razer Phone 2 and more, higher refresh rates have become the hottest feature on leading flagship devices.
Although not many smartphones support displays with more than 60 Hz, OnePlus, ROG, Razer and Nubia have refresh rates of 90 Hz and 120 Hz.

Soon, PUBG Mobile will use this high refresh rates to provide a smooth gaming experience. A video released by Mr. Ghost Gaming shows the developer of PUBG Mobile is finally developing to implement the 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates in the game.
These modes are available in settings. Note that this option is only supported on phones with 90 Hz or 120 Hz displays.

Here is a list of phones that are eligible for 90Hz and 120Hz gameplay:

 Support for 90Hz Refresh Rate

 OnePlus 7 Pro ROG Phone
Nubia Red Magic 3

Support for 120Hz Refresh Rate ROG Phone II
Razer Phone 2 Upcoming phones such as

Google's Pixel 4 is expected to be equipped with a 90 Hz screen, which means that Pixel 4 owners will have a smooth PUBG gameplay experience.

The implementation of the 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate is being tested on the Chinese beta version of PUBG.
The developers did not comment on the official release of this feature, but it is expected to go live by the end of this year. 

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