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After 5G, These 6 ways will change your way of living.

After 5G, These 6 ways will change your way of living
5G network can knock the Indian market by 2022. This will not only upgrade Internet Speed ​​but also brings Next Generation Technology. In the era of 5G, millions of devices will be able to connect with each other. Your phone will connect with almost every device of your home. In  few years, after the rollout of 5G in India, our life will change.
Smart Cities :

5G cities will be able to connect to urban infrastructure such as traffic, waste management and power supply. For example: Sensors around the cities will be able to monitor pedestrians and vehicle traffic, which can be used to divert traffic lights and traffic automatically.

Smart Home :         

5G-based smart home security systems will be able to manage power and water consumption. A smart home will not only turn on the lights of your home according to the situation, but it will also track your health. Also call for help in the emergency.

Self-driving car :
The 5G self-driving car will help improve the AI ​​component. Thousands of censors of the car will help in saving better data points around you, which will help in making decisions related to driving.

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Health Monitoring :
After the arrival of 5G, the sensors will be constantly connected wit.h the Health Devices, so that if you have any disease then you will know immediately. He will also know about his treatment.
IoT Devices for Office and Hospital Entry :
5G technology will help IoT Devices communicate with each other. 5G will prepare low-cost sensors with more battery life. IoT will make applications for office, government department, hospital and agriculture. It is believed that by 2020, the IoT Sector will have 50 billion Devices.

Virtual and Augmented Reality :                                       

5G will improve mobile computing performance so that virtual and Augmented Reality will become viable on a large scale. While ultra-high-fidelity media can change our view of performance and viewing the event.
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