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3 best methods to make money online!

3 best methods to make money online!

"Money makes many things"

 Hello friends! The above proverb is true in today's world. Without money you can't buy things,food,clothes etc.
So money became important in our day to day life. So how we can earn it?
This doubt comes to all.
 In this article we are going to see ways to make money online and i am sure these will pay millions of dollars if your work hard with dedication.
These are top trustworthy online jobs.

 So let's get into the article.

 1. Affiliate marketing

Many giant companies like Amazon,flipkart,snapdeal etc offering this job.
When any person buys the product based on your recommendation or your link, you receive a commission. it’s best to choose something which is already in demand as it is easy to sell.
The more you sell, the more you earn. The most important part in this work is getting traffic on our link. This is the step where we have to work.
The best place to get the traffic is social media. Use your skills to make others buying the product using your link.

 2. Become a freelancer

You may already heard about this job. Thousands of people are working as a freelancer and it also a trusted online job by freelance. If you have any computer related skills like designing, programming or good typing skills then you can start freelance work for others. There are so many freelance jobs out there that require simple skills and time. You can earn a very good amount based on your work.

 3. Write a ebook or kindle

 If you are good at writing then you can publish an eBook and make money from it. There is a huge global market of readers who like to read new interesting stuff. You can make 70% of your sale on Amazon Kindle.It can make a lot of money and the good thing is you can make money for years from a good product.

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