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What is UPI? Why does this work? Full details What does UPI mean?

What is UPI?
Why does this work?
 Full details What does UPI mean? 

(Integrated Payment Interface) The NetBanking of Banking Account, IFSC Code, WalletDetail or ATM Card's details are available from offline and online to traffers and payments. Yes, UPI is not a system or application. But this system comes in a separate app that is connected to your bank. This is a system prepared by National Payments Corporation of India. Each bank has cash transfer between two banks.

 How many banks have access to this system?

 Bank of Maharashtra, Indian Women Bank, Canara Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, DCB Bank, Federal Bank, ICICI Bank, TJSB Cooperative Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce Bank of India, Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, South Indian Bank, Vijaya Bank And yes bank How to use UPI system in our banks First of all, enter your bank name in the Play Store and "UPI" and now you have your bank your app. SBI will pay SBI Pay To see if the app you are about to download is appropriate, see the app developer name, the name of the bank in the developer name.

What to do after installing the app? 

 Open your phone and scan the phone to your credit card from your phone. You will need to process it with the phone number you have added to the bank account. Because the automatic app sends sms. So after sending it you will be filmed a name, bank name, some filtered names. It can not be all at once. When you have to repeat the server may be the reason. If successful, ask you to set the password immediately. Bus! Everything has happened. You can also pay for money account payments, transfers and payment payments every time. Minus Points: SBI UPI App Slow. The rest of the banks do not know how the UPI ads are. Basically it is slow to connect with servers.

 What is the difference between the basic difference of UPI system Hope you will expect all your doubts. You can tell on your comment article.

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