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Top 8 internet speed metre tools and apps 2019 full guide

Everyone wants to know what is the speed of their WiFi/ internet connection. If they search on Google "Internet Speed Metre" and they found many result on Google. Some are give to you wrong information about your "Internet Speed Metre". And you are confused on it. So friends today I will solve your this problem. I will tell you about some most trusted tools and Apps that you can check your "Internet Speed Metre" by the help of this tools and apps. Let's begin on my topic.

-  1:- is a simple site to check your internet speed that is run by Netflix. It's mean really and really simple to check your internet speed metre on this site. This site are automatically launches the speed test on your internet and bring up in a large number to show your internet on the screen just look in Mbps. Of course, Netflix is a largely intends this to be used for people who want to test if their current speed can handle Netflix content and it may more benefit from your higher download speeds. It's means you can use this site to test your internet speed nearly anywhere else.


 This is the most popular speed test app for Android. That's a good chance that you might have also used this before. Speedtest also actually raised and set the quality of your standards for internet speed testing apps. This app also allows you to test your internet connection, speed, quality, and everything else at anywhere. I think it is the best internet speed test app for smartphone data networks (2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G/ LTE and Wi-Fi). It give your data connection speed within 30 seconds. Recently the award for Best SpeedTest App in 2017 goes to by this Ookla SpeedTest app. Speedtest app is a light app. It is a wonderfull app for your "internet speed metre". I recommended to you once time you use it. 


 SpeedSmart is a smooth internet speed tester that's works in all devices and it is reliably and free problem. It provide download, upload, and ping information for your internet speed connection. SpeedSmart are also offers in a app. In which you can download and run to keep a full history of your search results, but unless you’re tinkering with optimal bandwidth for gaming. It work like a website.

 4:- Ookla Speedtest 

Ookla Speedtest is one of the most popular Internet speed tests on internet. This is also available in app that you find This app on Google play store. This app also available in both an app for your smart phone and desktop.

 5:- Internet SpeedTest 

This is a quite gem of an app. It does't run any ads. It is like other speed test apps and tools which give you your network information like upload speed, download speed, etc. In this app you can check your download speed, upload speed by a single touch in this app. It give you your result within a few second without any advertisements. It is very small in size. It is compatible with all Android devices, smartphone.

 6:- SpeedOf.Me 

 It is an HTML5-based speed test that’s lightweight. it is designed to replicate like a real-world browsing and downloading conditions by requesting a series of your files of increasing sizes and recording your data connection speed at which you can downloaded it. Not only does the site display a graph of your internet speeds achieved in live time, but it also allows you to track your results against previous tests.


 If you’re looking for your data connection test then offers more data than the average speed test. There are separate options to both download and upload internet speed tests so you will be sure to try them both. Noted that if you have to download this speed test, as it’s not entirely run via the website you also it find on play store. also displays a graph of your data connection over a few time. By use this site you can check your internet speed test.

 8:- Speed Check & WiFi Finder 

Speed Check is the great option for your mobile phone whilst out and about. If Brought them to you from SpeedSpot, this lovingly designed application will give you all the basic information that you really wanted or needed. It is also shows your upload and download speeds, of course, but also let you save it for later reference.

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