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20 best places to visit in varanasi in 2019, the holiest country India

20 best places to visit in varanasi in 2019, the holiest country India

Our country (INDIA) is a land of gods and goddess. India is a very interesting place in all world.
Friends life nowadays everyone would busy. Friends entertain is also necessary.
And busy all the work just finds itself in the month of May and June.And everyone wants to wander.
 Today I folks to talk about some of the places in Varanasi where you can take the knowledge as well as entertain. Yes friends you heard right.
 Completed 88 piers in Varanasi.
I will tell you something about the important piers you people today. Where do you turn around and can also entertain your life?
So let’s take information about the Friends today important places in Varanasi.


8:-  Causatthi GHAT

1:-  Assi Ghat:-

Assi ghat is a pier (Ghat) of the ancient city of Varanasi (India). It is situated in the very last of the south in the series of all piers.
The many arena (अखाड़े) and temples
near ghat. South side of Assi Ghat God's Jagrnath temple is located.
There seems to be a grand fair every year. This  place is the confluence of the ancient river Assi with river Ganga so this ghat is named after the assi ghat.
The confluence of Assi river, the river ganga is considered very holy. Assi gath is a popular gath in five most popular ghats in Varanasi.
Every evening the Ganga's Arti at this pier. And evening times is the overview of the piers.
To see the beauty of this pier people come from abroad. To see the ganga aarti evening the crowd turn tourists. It is an enchanting place.

2 - Dashashwamedh Ghat:-

Dashashwamedh Ghat is a popular pier in Varanasi. In this pier temple crowd of the year devotees on the banks of the Ganges.
Dashashwamedh means "sacrificing ten horses". Earlier legend is believed that Lord Brahma took exams King Divodas. In the test, which had asked the sacrifice of King Brahma had this wharf name Dashashwamedh Ghat in his name.
They were established Brhmeshwar murti on the pier. Since then it is the most famous pier in India. Daily evening is Aarti period on the pier called Ganga Aarti.
 Here evey evening is also organized religious dance. This is the pier at 5 priest Arti organized, including alarm, the shell and using a fire lamp.
When the ritual is at the pier, it is worth the view. Acquitted of pilgrims boat Dire is slowly walking. They stopped to watch the scene.
The pier of historical and religious significance. The ferries God Temple of Prayageshwar.

3: - Manikarnika Ghat:-

Manikarnika Ghat is situated on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi. According to mythology, when god Shiva could not get time off from his devotees.
 Goddess Parvati was very angry with Lord Shiva. She throw her pendant (earring) hide in this pier and reported elsewhere to find Lord Shiva.
And obtain Lord Shiva could not find the pendant (earring) and then the pier name became known as "Manikarnika Ghat".
Cremation of bodies on the pier: Rite also. The pier feature that fire never quenched the pyre on the pier. Even before a pyre of fire put out on the burnt second pyre.
 This process is moving over 24 hours, so the pier is also called "Mahashmshan Pier".
For you to the funeral of the bodies Here it would be surprised to hear that you have to pay the tax.
 Without this translation funeral of a body of tax. This tradition Maharaja is running out of Harishchandra.
To view the site people come from abroad.

4:- Shivala Ghat:-

King of kasi in the eighteenth century Balwant Singh built this pier. After some time this ghat was divided into several parts.
 And the northern part of this ghat is known as its ancient name (Shivala ghat).
A grand house built inside this ghat, the King of Nepal Vikram Shah had been made in the nineteenth century.
They were built a Shiva temple on the pier. Kasi Naresh Balwant Singh was founded a "Brhmendra monastery on the Ghat".
 And that the interests of the ghat is that the pier is also a well-known "Budhwa Tue".
Which is very famous. The important festival of muslim "Muharram" tazia are also flow at this ghat.
 This is religious the pier. This is an example of pier Varanasi. This ghat is constructed entirely of stone.
In 1988 re-occurred construction of the pier with the help of the Irrigation Department and state government . This is a great place to hang out the ghat tourist.

5: - Ahilyabai Ghat:-

Ahilyabai ghat Varanasi Ganga ghat a right edge. This ghat Queen Queen Akahilya bai queen of Indore had called Ahilya Bai peir.
SHe has built his kingdom and a number of temples in the country, masjid and peirs.
SHe was always helping Always poor people. And the name of the peir in memory of those names "Ahilyabai Ghat".
Her name is always taken with with respect all over India then there helping everyone.

6:-  Rajamahal Ghat

In Varansi this pier "Ranamahal ghat" has been made in Rajasthan style. And this offers more attractive of tourist's mind. And Rajasthani paintings on pier art translation is built beautiful stone. That beauty more attractive. In 1670 King Rana Singh built this pier. In seventeenth century Udaipur, Rajasthan Maharaja Rana Singh's name this pier.
 The big and small temples on the pier. But the recognition of different Shiva temple located close to the ghat. The temple displays the architecture of Rajasthan. Darbhanga pier and Chauseti pier between Lies this pier. This is a huge castle on the pier. Considered the king of Rajasthan's Udaipur Rana Silver was constructed a castle for the their living this came on the pier.

7:- Panch Ganga Ghat

After This name you here will know the people of this place is the union of the five rivers. It is located on the edge of the pier ganga. Municipal party built this pier.
 Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Kiran and Dhutpapa rivers get on each other in secret this place. You can only see the ganga and everyone else hide on earth. And the steps of this pier knowledge Guru Ramanand from Kabir ji.
The pier is considered very sacred pier to Varanasi. It is known to place a lot. This is great place to everyone hang out in holyday. This pier is very big.

8:- Causatthi Ghat

This pier is also located along the ganga. This scene is very spectacular. Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali, Ganesha, and Kartikeya has made very great temple on this pier . The moon night of March and april here are very crowded of devotees.
 This month people Country abroad come from everywhere to see it. And take advantage of its panoramic views. It also has a pier of the famous piers of varanasi. Causatthi means "Chausatha" (ie 64). Its name because so there is a statues of 64 goddess and gods.
This pier is also a pier important of all piers of varanasi. The festival of holi at the pier is celebrated with great pomp. Here you can come for a stroll in holydays. It is linked to the culture of the pier also India.

9:- Kashi Vishvanath Mandir

In 1780AD Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar was constructed the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi.
And are again this temple by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1853 and re-built from 1000 kilogram of pure gold. The temple is Lord Shiva's worship. The mind that is worshiped in the temple and attain salvation from Ganga bath. Crowd of faith leading to Kashi Vishwanath court in twelve Jyothirlingalu Varanasi echo. It was established in the Left as the goddess of Baba Vishwanath power mother houses the with Bhagwati.
 This is wonderful. It does not get to see anywhere else in the world.

10:- Durga Temple

Durga temple is the ancient temples of varanasi. Refer to Durga Temple you get in "Kasi clause". The temple is built entirely red stone.
 The temple people Durga mother of philosophy come from far and wide. The temple is a large fire pit inside, the fire rose to where. The temple in the month of Sawan is a very charming fair. In 18th century Queen of Bengal Bhavani was built this temple.
In Temple 12 large pie is made . The temple is linked to our culture. When there seems to be fair, people come to the fair distance to see. This temple is very beautiful.
The durga is a large park in Varanasi near the temple. That park named Anand park.

11:- Tulsi Manas Mandir

Tulsi Manas Mandir also is a famous temple of the ancient temples of Kasi. It temple locate near the durga temple. Seth Ratan Lal Sureka was built this temple.
 And inaugurated the temple in 1964, then the President of that time was by S. Radhakrishnan. In the mid of temple installed statue of Rama, mother Janaki, Laxman and Hanuman.
And the Temple mother Annapurna and Shiva and the statue on the other side Satyanarayanji living. And their worship. And Aschary thing is that this temple has written "Ram Charit Manas" complete walls.
And on the second floor tulsi Das Ji was living and the falls Ram and Krishna drama act on a second floor temple. In the temple colorful waterfall also which adorned the temple too. The temple is just adorable originates also Jaki of fifty indulgence on Annkut Festival under that.
The temple is built statue of Shiva on the hill and the beauty of the temple, waterfalls and even grow.


Temple's real name "Gyanvapi masjid". However, the name Gyan Kup or Gyan Vapi Well and it is a shrine of Varanasi. In 1664 AD Aurangjeb khan was built this temple. Nothing remains of the masjid today meet at the temple. The temple's name was the name of a well, which is called Gyan Vapi. And construction of the well was in 1828 AD. Which was built by Gwalior Rani Baiza Bai. The well is considered the water never dries.

13:-  Ram Nagar Fort

It is situated in Ramnagar in the fort Varanasi. It is located in front of Tulsi pier. In 1740AD Construction was by king Balavant Singh. It is the stone of velvet fort white colour.
This time the fort is not in good standing. King of Kasi Naresh Balavant singh mighty live. The Fort Museum has a wealth of history to varanasi. The fort was built in four stages. The first mansion in two steps known went the name of the new mansion and old mansion built.
And surprising is that this fort 1010 small and large rooms and 7 large yard. It has used foreign styles make this Fort fort is homegrown. The four gates of the fortress which made the eastern side of the main entrance to the red door fortification.
The fort has two large patio, which after the first red door, and after the second flag gateway; Which is staged coat-off of the world-famous Ramlila of Ramnagar.

14:- Chunar Fort

Chunar Fort is located in Mirzapur, the fort varanasi. It is located on the northern side of the fort Kaimur mountain. And situted on the south bank of ganga river. At the time the fort was just happened by re-building Sher Shah Suri. It was centre the fort Hindu power. And evidence that is still the remains found in the fort. This was built by King Vikramaditya in the fort is Btrihri temple. The fort is also the Tomb of Muglo in.

15:- Saranath

The Saranath has 10 kilometres ago from kasi. This shrine where Buddha gave this his first sermon (533 before years) place after receiving education. This Buddha was beginning to spread religion because it "Dharma Chakra enforcement" is also called herein Sarngnath Mahadev temple where Hindus think of grand fair in every monsoon months.
Here Ashoka chaturmukha Sinhstmb Buddha Temple, Damek stupa, Chaukndi stupa, etc. sightseeing. It was built by Maharaja Ashoka Emperor had. You get to see here statues like Buddha. It is believed that when the establishment of God Sarngnath Mahadev Mrigdav and his name was "Sarnath". The temple has several times attacked and went conveyed Cti this castle. Sarnath is a Buddhist pilgrimage site. This is a great place to hang out.

16:- Bharat Kaal Bhavan

Bharat Kaal Bhavan is a museum university. It is located inside Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi, India. Here you can study the ancient facts related to art and culture. This is a very important tourist destination in varanasi. You get to learn new things here. It was established in 1 january 1920. Rai Krishnadasa & Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya is founder of Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum K It is 11 kilometres from station to Varanasi Or Kasi.

17:- Alamgir Mosque

Alamgir mosque is built on pier panchganga. Although the history is divided Caro has found yet no know Alamgir mosque that went built in what year.
This mosque "Alamgir mosque" Aurangzeb had built up. Estimated that the mosque was built in 17 century. The lenght of the minarets of the mosque 174.2 feets is high. The surprising thing was that are visible light of Redfort Delhi minarets of the mosque.
But now it is because both minarets fall. It is believed that by throwing the point Madhav temple Aurangzeb who built this temple. This place is great to hang out in holydays.

18:- Brown Bread Bakery

Brown Bread Bakery varansi very famous bread bakery's. brown bread wheat flour and black cofee is built together. It also called wheat bread or white bread most first time it was built in Ireland Country in bread 1848. Its two varity first Borodinsky bread and other Boston brown bread. This bread is very large company in the varanasi.

19:-   Vishwanath Gali Street Market

The Vishwanath Gali Street Market Vishwanath Gali Varanasi's famous street. It is also known as the shopping market. Here is such a good, sharing similar travellers. It is very famous in the market varanasi.

The street is always stacked with shopaholic that who are enjoying on this market.
How costly
it is Value for Money
Best Visited With Group, Solo, Couple, Family
Speciality Banarasi Saree, Dresses, Devotional Articles, Jewelries, Music CDs
Address :- Vishwanath Gali,
Lahori Tola, Varanasi,
Uttar Pradesh 221001

20:- Banaras Silk Emporium

Banaras Silk Emporium is in the shop varanasi. It is very famous in the shop full Varanasi joining was built in 2014. This shop of clothes.

Banaras Silk Emporium supplying & trading of Silk fabrics, silk  sarees etc. It is visit in varanasi.
Contect:- Mr. Vakil Ahmad Ansari (Proprietor)
Address:- Plot No. D-2, 2nd Floor, Gurukripa Complex, Nadesar.
City:- Varanasi
Zip:- 221002
Country:- region/India


Friends I told in this post about a few places you varanasi that you can visit on this places on holidays. Which Varanasi is not only famous all over the country. Friends got you how this information? Must tell me on the Comment box. If you have this information was good or like must share with your friends.

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